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States’ Rights and the Lost Cause Piffle

Something those of us involved in Civil War reenacting and living histories hear quite a bit from the secessionist reenactors is the old chestnut that “The war wasn’t about slavery. It was about States’ Rights / tariffs/ Northern Aggression / some-other-twaddle.”  Sure, the principle of tariffs were bound up in the whole ordeal, but there […]

The Matter of Jeremiah Franklin Files and His Ancestry

I believe that my descent is reasonably traced back through the line of George Spencer Files to Jeremiah Franklin Files. While the evidence is merely circumstantial, I do find it compelling. Enclosed herein is the story of Jeremiah and his ancestry– a great story in my opinion. Jeremiah Franklin Files was born to a family […]

Tracing My Roots: The Files of Walker County, Alabama

Information, research, and data are wonderful things. They are, however, utterly meaningless unless they are interpreted and shared– just words on a page with no context, no meaning, no relevance. To that end, I’m beginning to undertake an endeavor to share the fruits of as much of my genealogical research as I can state plainly […]

America’s Other Civil War: The Battle for the Heart of Baseball

The United States was born in blood at the tail end of the eighteenth century, with a violent revolution against the king of England. The birth of this new nation saw a new form of government take shape, driven by new approaches to self-government and representative democracy, borrowed in part from classical Greece and Rome. […]