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Goodrich’s War: Destiny at Antietam

This is Part 2 of an ongoing series built around the letters home of Loren Goodrich, Co. F 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. See also… Part One (including his letter of Sept 5 1862) On Sunday, September 7 1862, Loren Goodrich of Co. F of the 14th Connecticut found himself formally a member of the Army […]

Goodrich’s War: Part One

In my never-ending quest to unearth as much information as possible about men who served with the original units that make up the basis of those that I reenact with, I’ve come across another interesting character, one Loren H. Goodrich. While his time at the front was comparatively short, it was one that was quite […]

The Matter of Jeremiah Franklin Files and His Ancestry

I believe that my descent is reasonably traced back through the line of George Spencer Files to Jeremiah Franklin Files. While the evidence is merely circumstantial, I do find it compelling. Enclosed herein is the story of Jeremiah and his ancestry– a great story in my opinion. Jeremiah Franklin Files was born to a family […]

The Common Soldier

Yesterday at the living history at Cambridge, one of the selections read in the poetry program was one I discovered in a period book– Anecdotes, Poetry and Incidents of the War, North and South 1861-1865, edited by Frank Moore in 1882. So many stories told of this war– and of all wars– deal with the […]

Orrin Cook and the Fairy Tale Lost

One of the things that some of us who would prefer to lean towards the “living history” side of the reenacting hobby tend to do is adopt a first-person persona. In essence, we try to become like actors, pretending to be a person from the period we are attempting to recreate. Some make their persona […]