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About the Temporary Hero

Just the Facts

Name: Jeff Lawrence
Age: Fortysomething
Politics: Leftist, Social Democracy, Sexual & Gender Equalitist
Chops: B.A. in American Studies, Pursuing M.Ed. in History.
Academics: The intersection between history and sociology.
Favorite Focus: The antebellum republic through the Progressive Era.
Marital Status: Civil union with The Jen
Alma Mater(s): University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Westfield State University (current.)

This blog stands as my outpost with which I share my writings and research about historical notes that interest me. Posting is more or less sporadic as I uncover new things to research and share. Thus far, the juiciest stuff has been what I’ve discovered at local archives and historical societies dealing with common soldiers of the American Civil War, typically through their own writing, blended with independent research & genealogical techniques. My focuses have centered on those that can strengthen my first person impressions– thus far I’ve gotten the most headway into the lives of Edwin Wentworth of Lawrence, Massachusetts (veteran of four regiments), Orrin Cook of Springfield, Massachusetts (veteran draftee of the 22nd Massachusetts) and Loren Goodrich (veteran of the 14th Connecticut.)

On blue moons, I may post more personal things here– the kind of traditional blogging many have seen in the past– but there is precisely no guarantee of that. Those looking for rumor mill grist will find better purchase elsewhere.

For any of those seeking to reenact the Civil War, I heartily recommend the living history organizations listed on my menu sidebar. Each unit has a different focus, but I have found them all to be good people worth support. Other history-oriented blogs of note are listed there as well. I highly recommend the Historical Digression‘ blog by Patrick Browne– you will not find better historical writing anywhere. Period.

For those looking to get in touch with me: temphero AT temporaryhero DOT com will get you to my inbox. CV and references available on request.

I stand ready to assist with living histories, timeline events, host discussions and give talks about the Civil War and the common soldier for historical societies, libraries, and the like. I can also put you in touch with a number of living history organizations that share my mission.

For my own involvement, a honorarium in the form of donation to the Civil War Trust would be greatly appreciated.

The Stragglers Mess, 2010 (me, seated.)

The Stragglers Mess, 2010 (with the author, seated.)

The author (rear, center) and Co. F of the 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry in the fall of 2013.

The author (rear, center) and Co. F of the 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry in the fall of 2013.


All independent research and writing on this blog is my copyright. All rights reserved.

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    Jeff, I’d really like to be in touch about your (and my wife’s) Files ancestry.

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